The Environment study is the part of the curriculum for the B.Tech first & Second year students. The subject faculties make the students aware about the basic components of the Environment. The institution organizes the Blood Donation Camps for the awareness of importance of hygiene in the students.

S.NO Critical Issue Code & Title of the subject wherein the issue is addressed Unit Number Remarks


Human Values and Professional Ethics

A50018: Human values and professional ethics

Unit I: Natural acceptance.
Unit II : Understanding self Harmony.
Unit III: Understanding harmony in society.
Unit IV: Understanding Nature & Existence harmony.
Unit V: Human values acceptance.

To develop the essential complementarily between 'Values' and 'Skills' to ensure sustained happiness and prosperity which are the core aspirations of all human beings.


Professional Ethics

MC500HS: Professional Ethics

UNIT – I: Introduction to Professional Ethics.
UNIT - II Basic Theories.
UNIT - III Professional Practices in Engineering.
UNIT – IV Work Place Rights & Responsibilities.
UNIT - V Global issues in Professional Ethics.

To internalize the Values and Ethical Behavior in the personal and Professional careers of students. The students will learn the rights and responsibilities as an employee, team member and a global citizen.