An NSAKCET we impart knowledge in a scientific manner. We give equal importance to both theory and practice. Our Laboratories for all the departments are well-equipped and state of the art and in sync with the JNTU syllabus taught. There is provision to expand the facilities as per future requirements. We encourage the students to undertake a methodical approach to the collection and analysis of data through laboratory assignments apart from giving proper emphasis to appropriate presentation of the results. We provide one dedicated computer terminal for each student. Further, for individual attention, adequate numbers of computer programmers are appointed for laboratory class. Each discipline's laboratory has sufficient number of equipment, test instruments and trainer kits to limit up to two students for each working bench.

The Professors and lectures insist on studing each experiment and answer the pre-lab questions in advance of the laboratory meeting in order to gain most from the laboratory experience. Each department makes a diligent effort to synchronize experiments with lecture topics taught though sometimes students are asked to perform experiments on topics that have not yet been completely explained. Therefore, we advice students to come well prepared for each lab session and honestly undertake pre-lab exercise. We also develop in the students an ability to ask relevant questions at the right time, perform procedures, collect and analyze data, answer questions, and explore new areas. Our lab assignment is interesting and has a definite purpose for each experiment undertake. The time spent in the labs helps the student to understand their subject and their world in a much better manner.

NSAKCET has laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, ECE, Civil, EEE, CSE & IT departments. Further, the new civil engineering building has Construction Engineering, Environmnet Engineering, Geo-technical Engineering, Hydro Systems, Materials Engineering, Structural Engineering, Surveying and Photogrammetry, Transportation Engineering and water Resources laboratories.