Playing sports gives a different dimension to an individual's personality and the way he or she reacts to situations in life. Sports instill confidence in one's abilities as well as provide a competitive edge to their approach towards various tasks. Sports activities help in building confidence, focus, discipline and sportsmanship. Sports also act as a good stress buster and allow the mind to refresh itself to tackle difficult academic responsibilities. In short help in complete personality development. A fully equipped gym helps in not only strwngthening of various muscles but contributes to buliding of stamina and energy . With such an enlightened approach, NSAKCET has excellent sports facilities, for both indoor and outdoor games. Indoor games comprise of table tennis, badminton, caromboard and chess. Outdoor games include cricket, football and volleyball. The games are regulated by an efficient sports department.

With the sports department stocked with latest kits and accessories, the college conducts tournaments for various games. Matches are playes amongst different departments and there is a healthy competion to succeed. The winners are awarded a trophy and a certificate. Students also participate in inter-college and inter-state tournaments and competitions. College faculty also takes an active part in the sports competitions.